12th - 14th October 2018 / GRAZ (AUSTRIA)


Dear Kizomberas and Kizomberos!

The weekend was a complete success! Many thanks to the numerous participants from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Sweden. The weekend with you was just a dream.You can find photos and videos on Facebook!

The next year is already planned ;) and you will find all previously fixed information on the following pages :D

We are very happy about feedback to make the next festival even better :). Please write by mail or on Facebook! Thanks in advance!

All the best! We are looking forward to welcome you!
Conny, Dado, Jacqueline, Wolfgang, Amela and the whole Kizzin'GRAZy Team

For questions or requests please contact us via e-mail: 




Confirmed instructors for 2018:
- Ronie Saleh (Sweden)
- Mistura Movement (Selwin & Suleika) (Holland) 
- Mirabella & Álvaro (Austria/Portugal)
- Jacqueline & Wolfgang (Austria)
- Ivana & Igor (Croatia)
- ... and many more

Additionally we happily announce the world-famous DJs, who will rock Kizzin´Graz with their fantastic music:
- DJ Grabowszky (Hungary)
- DJ SupaMan (Portugal)
- DJ Azmaël (Austria)
- DJ Soulbeat (Sweden)
- ... and many more

Fullpasses are already available HERE & find your Promoter!